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Adams, Memoirs of Arii TaimaiIndigenous Histories
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Chapter XIII


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Chapter XIII (continued)

from prudent motives, it may be, he vented his anger upon the instruments, rather than the movers of them; while Otoo and Temaree, to hide their crime, joined Pomare in so doing. "

The missionaries escaped marvelously, at the cost of a stripping and a little terror. The unfortunate natives who stripped them paid with their lives for the offence. Temarii lost his life also, and his scheme for restoring the supremacy of Papara failed. Papara, as every one might foresee, must be the sacrifice once more to the ambition of the Purionuu chiefs. Manne-manne was another victim. Pomare gained nothing, for he had nothing to gain, but had to sacrifice a part of his possessions. The only winner in this tragic game was the worst and most bloodthirsty of all -- Tu, the first Christian king.

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