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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - IIIVoyaging Accounts
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P. 13. l. 8. from the bottom, for Charearias, read Carcharias.
P. 18. parag. 2. l. 3, 4. for Trio, read Frio.
P. 29. l. 6. from the bottom, for within, read without.
P. 124. l. 7. from the bottom, for him, read Mr. Banks.
P. 125. l. 1. for brought them, read brought six of them.
P. 256. l. 13. for has, read had.
l. 14. for have, read had.
l. 15. for remain, read remained; and for will, read would.

P. 429. l. 3. from the bottom, for is, read are.
P. 457. l. 16. for whole, read hole.
P. 501. l. 3. from the bottom, for were, read had; and dele that each had.
P. 510. l. 19. for consierable, read considerable.
P. 626. l. 10. from the bottom, for tracts, read tracks.
P. 753. l. 8. from the bottom, for grove, read groove.
P. 762. l. 9. for or deposited, read or materials that are deposited.

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