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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - IIIVoyaging Accounts
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This edition of John Hawkesworths Account of the Voyagesin the Southern Hemisphere was created by applying FineReader optical character reading software to 300 dots per inch TIFF format image files of photocopies of the first London edition of the Voyages published by William Strahan and Thomas Cadell in June 1773.

Taking into account the cultural significance and physical condition of the National Library of Australias several copies of the first edition of the Voyages the creation of photocopies involved the selection of the copy judged by the Librarys conservators to be least likely to be damaged by unbinding and light exposure. The copy selected was that catalogued as FERG 7243.

The resulting electronic text was then manually corrected and chronologically related to the South Seas transcriptions of the Cook, Banks and Parkinson journals. Christine Winter corrected volume one and in the process created a relational database of places, people, cultural artefacts and natural phenomenon that helped in designing the South Seas Companion. Paul Turnbull corrected volumes two and three.

As bibliographer Ronald L. Ravneberg has pointed out, the first edition of the Voyages has inconsistencies in pagination and errors caused by the typesetting of volume one being started at two points and by volumes two and three originally being paginated as a single volume. In this online edition these original erroneous pagination and errors have been preserved as an aid to researchers wishing to consult the printed text of the first edition.

Readers interested in further information about the publication history of the Voyages should consult B. J. McMullins article, Cooks First Voyage and the Strahan Quarto Editions of 1773, in Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand Bulletin vol. 11, 1(1989), pp. 5-35; and Ronald L. Ravnebergs The Hawkesworth Copy: an Investigation into the Printers Copy used for the Preparation of the Second Edition of John Hawkesworths Account of Captain Cooks First Voyage (2002-2004),

As with the Cook Banks and Parkinson journals, contemporary spellings and punctuation have been retained with the exception of the long s that was represented typographically by the letter f prior to 1800.

Paul Turnbull
March 2004

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