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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - IIIVoyaging Accounts
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On this day ...
15 January 1771

Endeavour Voyage Maps
James Cook
Joseph Banks

Batavia to the Cape of Good Hope


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Batavia to the Cape of Good Hope (continued)

They all speak the Malay language, though they have a language of their own, different both from the Malay and the Javanese. Their own language they call Catta Gunung, the language of the mountains; and they say that it is, spoken upon the mountains of Java, whence their tribe originally migrated, first to New Bay, and then to their present station, being driven from their first settlement by tygers, which they found too numerous to subdue. I have already observed, that several languages are spoken by the native Javanese, in different parts of their island; but when I say that the language of these people is different from the Javanese, I mean that it is different from the language which is spoken at Samarang, a place that is distant only one day’s journey from the residence of the emperor of Java. The following is a list of corresponding words in the languages of Prince’s, Island, Java, and Malacca.

English. Prince's Island. Javanese. Malay.
A man, Jalma, Oong Lanang, Oran Lacki Lacki.
A woman, Becang, Oong Wadong, Parampuan.
A child, Oroculatacke, Lari, Anack.
The head, Holo, Undass, Capalla.
The nose, Erung, Erung, Edung.
The eyes, Mata, Moto, Mata.
The ears, Chole, Cuping, Cuping.
The teeth, Cutock, Untu, Ghigi,
The belly, Beatung, Wuttong, Prot.
The Backside, Serit, Celit, Pantat.
English. Prince's Island. Javanese. Malay.
The thigh, Pimping, Poopoo, Paba.
The knee, Hullootoor, Duncul, Lontour.
The leg, Metis, Sickil, Kauki.
A nail, Cucu, Cucu, Cucu.
A hand, Langan, Tangan, Tangan.
A finger, Ramo Langan, Jari, Jaring.

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