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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - IIIVoyaging Accounts
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6 - 10 January 1771

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James Cook
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Batavia to the Cape of Good Hope


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Batavia to the Cape of Good Hope (continued)

The next morning, while a party was employed in filling water, we renewed our traffic for turtle: at first, the Indians dropped their demands slowly, but about noon, they agreed to take the price that we offered, so that before night we had turtle in plenty: the three that we had purchased the evening before, were in the mean time served to the ship’s company, who, till the day before, had not once been served with salt provisions from the time of our arrival at Savu, which was now near four months. In the evening, Mr. Banks went to pay his respects to the King, at his palace, in the middle of a rice field, and though his Majesty was busily employed in dressing his own supper, he received the stranger very graciously.

The next day, the natives came down to the trading-place, with fowls, fish, monkies, small deer, and some vegetables, but no turtle, for they said that we had bought them all the day before. The next day, however, more turtle appeared at market, and some were brought down every day afterwards, during our stay, though the whole, together, was not equal to the quantity that we bought the day after our arrival.

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