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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - IIIVoyaging Accounts
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4 - 6 September 1770

Endeavour Voyage Maps
James Cook
Joseph Banks

New Guinea to Savu


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CHAP. X. The Passage from New Guinea to the Island of Savu, and the Transactions there.

WE made sail, from noon on Monday the 3d to noon on Tuesday the 4th, standing to the westward, and all the time kept in soundings, having from fourteen to thirty fathom; not regular, but sometimes more, sometimes less. At noon on the 4th, we were in fourteen fathom, and latitude 6° 44’ S., longitude 223° 51’ W.; our course and distance since the 3d at noon, were S. 76 W. one hundred and twenty miles to the westward. At noon on the 5th of September, we were in latitude 7° 25’ S., longitude 225° 41’ W.; having been in soundings the whole time from ten to twenty fathom.

At half an hour after one in the morning of the next day, we passed a small island which bore from us N.N.W. distant between three and four miles; and at day-light we discovered another low island, extending from N.N.W. to N.N.E. distant about two or three leagues. Upon this island, which did not appear to be very small, I believe I should have landed to examine its produce, if the wind had not blown too fresh to admit of it. When we passed this island we had only ten fathom water, with a rocky bottom; and therefore I was afraid of running down to leeward, lest I should meet with shoal water and foul ground. These islands have no place in the charts except they are the Arrou islands; and if these, they are laid down much too far from New Guinea. I found the south part of them to lie in latitude 7° 6’ S., longitude 225° W.

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