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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - IIIVoyaging Accounts
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23 - 27 March 1770

Endeavour Voyage Maps
James Cook
Joseph Banks

Range from Cape Turnagain to Western Entrance of Cook's Streight


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Range from Cape Turnagain to Western Entrance of Cook's Streight (continued)

In the afternoon, we had a gentle breeze at S.W. which, before it was quite dark, brought us abreast of the eastern point which we had seen at noon; but not knowing what course the land took on the other side of it, we brought to in thirty-four fathom, at the distance of about one league from the shore. At eight in the evening, there being little wind, we filled and stood on till midnight, and then we brought to till four in the morning, when we again made sail, and at break of day we saw low land extending from the point to the S.S.E. as far as the eye could reach, the eastern extremity of which appeared in round hillocks: by this time the gale had veered to the eastward, which obliged us to ply to windward. At noon next day, the eastern point bore S.W. by S. distant sixteen miles, and our latitude was 40° 19’: the wind continuing easterly, we were nearly in the same situation at noon on the day following. About three o’clock the wind came to the westward, and we steered E.S.E. with all the sail we could set till it was dark, and then shortened sail till the morning: as we had thick hazey weather all night, we kept sounding continually, and had from thirty-seven to forty-two fathom. When the day broke we saw land bearing S.E. by E. and an island lying near it, bearing E.S.E. distant about five leagues: this island I knew to be the same that I had seen from the entrance of Queen Charlotte’s Sound, from which it bears N.W. by N. distant nine leagues. At noon, it bore south, distant four or five miles, and the north west head of the Sound S.E. by S. distant ten leagues and an half. Our latitude, by observation, was 40° 33’ S.

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