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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - IIIVoyaging Accounts
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18 November 1769

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James Cook
Joseph Banks

Mercury Bay to the Bay of Islands


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Mercury Bay to the Bay of Islands (continued)

From the point, of which we were now abreast, the land trends W. ½ S. near a league, and then S.S.E. as far as we could see; and, besides the islands that lay without us, we could see land round by the S.W. as far as the N.W.; but whether this was the main or islands, we could not then determine: the fear of losing the main, however, made me resolve to follow its direction. With this view, I hauled round the point and steered to the southward, but there being light airs all round the compass, we made but little progress.

About one o’clock, a breeze sprung up at east, which afterwards came to N.E. and we steered along the shore S. by E. and S.S.E. having from twenty-five to eighteen fathom.

At about half an hour after seven in the evening, having run seven or eight leagues since noon, I anchored in twenty-three fathom, not chusing to run any farther in the dark, as I had now land on both sides, forming the entrance of a streight, bay, or river, lying S. by E. for on that point we could see no land.

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