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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - IIIVoyaging Accounts
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4 June 1769

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James Cook
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Another Visit to Tootaha and the Transit of Venus


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Another Visit to Tootaha and the Transit of Venus (continued)

 Hours. Min.Sec. 
The first external contact, or first appearance of Venus on the Sun, was 92542Morning.
The first internal contact, or total immersion, was 9 44 4Morning.
The second internal contact, or beginning of the emersion,3 14 8Afternoon.
The second external contact, or total emersion, 33210Afternoon.

The latitude of the observatory was found to be 17° 29’ 15"; and the longitude 149° 32’ 30" W. of Greenwich. A more particular account will appear by the tables, for which the reader is referred to the Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. lxi. part 2. page 397 & seq. where they are illustrated by a cut.

But if we had reason to congratulate ourselves upon the success of our observation, we had scarce less cause to regret the diligence with which that time had been improved by some of our people to another purpose. While the attention of the officers was engrossed by the Transit of Venus, some of the ship’s company broke into one of the store-rooms, and stole a quantity of spike nails, amounting to no less than one hundred weight: this was a matter of public and serious concern; for these nails, if circulated by the people among the Indians, would do us irreparable injury, by reducing the value of iron, our staple commodity. One of the thieves was detected, but only seven nails were found in his custody. He was punished with two dozen lashes, but would impeach none of his accomplices.

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