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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - IIIVoyaging Accounts
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24 - 25 May 1769

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James Cook
Joseph Banks

Uncommon Ceremonies and an Extraordinary Spectacle


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Uncommon Ceremonies and an Extraordinary Spectacle (continued)

Having received repeated messages from Tootahah, that if we would pay him a visit he would acknowledge the favour by a present of four hogs, I sent Mr. Hicks, my First Lieutenant, to try if be could not procure the hogs upon easier terms, with orders to show him every civility in his power. Mr. Hicks found that he was removed from Eparre to a place called TETTAHAH, five miles farther to the westward. He was received with great cordiality; one hog was immediately produced, and he was told that the other three, which were at some distance, should be brought in the morning. Mr. Hicks readily consented to stay; but the morning came without the hogs, and it not being convenient to stay longer, he returned in the evening, with the one that he had got.

On the 25th, Tubourai Tamaide and his wife Tomio made their appearance at the tent, for the first time since he had been detected in stealing the nails; he seemed to be under some discontent and apprehension, yet he did not think fit to purchase our countenance and good-will by restoring the four which he had sent away. As Mr. Banks and the other Gentlemen treated him with a coolness and reserve which did not at all tend to restore his peace or good-humour, his stay was short, and his departure abrupt. Mr. Monkhouse, the Surgeon, went the next morning in order to effect a reconciliation, by persuading him to bring down the nails, but he could not succeed.

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