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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - IIIVoyaging Accounts
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2 - 8 November 1768

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James Cook
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Madeira to Rio de Janeiro


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Madeira to Rio de Janeiro (continued)

On Wednesday the 2d of November, about noon, being in the latitude of 10° 38’ S. and longitude 32° 13’ 43" W. we passed the line in which the needle at this time would have pointed due north and south, without any variation: for in the morning, having decreased gradually in its deviation for some days, it was no more than 18’ W. and in the afternoon it was 34’ East.

On the 6th, being in latitude 19° 3’ South, longitude 35° 50’ West, the colour of the water was observed to change, upon which we sounded, and found ground at the depth of 32 fathoms; the lead was cast three times within about four hours, without a foot difference in the depth or quality of the bottom, which was coral rock, fine sand, and shells; we therefore supposed that we had passed over the tail of the great shoal which is laid down in all our charts by the name of Abrothos, on which Lord Anson struck soundings in his passage outwards: at four the next morning we had no ground with 100 fathom.

As several articles of our stock and provisions now began to fall short, I determined to put into Rio de Janeiro, rather than at any port in Brazil or Falkland’s Islands, knowing that it could better supply us with what we wanted, and making no doubt but that we should be well received.

On the 8th, at day-break, we saw the coast of Brazil, and about ten o’clock we brought to, and spoke with a fishing-boat; the people on board told us that the land which we saw, lay to the southward of Sancto Espirito, but belonged to the captainship of that place.

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