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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. IVoyaging Accounts
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Charts and Coastal Views
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Charts and Coastal Views

Charts of Port Famine, Wood's Bay, Port Gallant and Fortescue Bay, Cordes Bay and Harbour, p. 38 .

Charts of: St. David's Cove; Island Bay; Swallow Harbour; Cape Tamar; Cape Providence with the Bay and Anchoring Places to the N.N.E. of it; Cape Upwright Bay; and Dolphin Bay, p.39.

Charts of: Elizabeth Bay; a Bay under the Islands opposite York Road; St. David's Bay; from York Bay to Three Island Bay and Harbour, p.40.

A Chart of Hawkins's Maidenland, Discovered by Sr. Richard Hawkins in 1574 and Falkland Sound, so called by Capn. John Strong of the Farewell from London who sailed through it in 1689, p.78.

Chart of part of the South Sea, Shewing the Tracts & Discoveries made by His Majesty's Ships Dolphin, Commodore Byron & Tamer, Capn. Mouat, 1765. Dolphin, Capn. Wallis, & Swallow, Capn. Carteret, 1767. and Endeavour, Lieutenant Cooke, 1789, p.101.

Coastal Views of: Sir Charles Saunders Island; Osnaburg Island; Boscawens Island; Amr. Keppels Island; and Wallis's Island, p.491.

Chart of Cocos Island, called by C. Wallis Boscowen, and Traitors Island, called by Wallis Keppel, p.494.

Chart of Wallis's Island, p.499.

A View of the N.W. Side of Mas -a - Fuera, p.551.

A Chart and Views of Pitcairns Island, p.562.

Coastal Views of the North side of the largest of Queen Charlotte's Islands, and the South side of a Volcano 6 Leagues to the North of that Island, p. 575.

Charts of Swallow's Bay and Byron's Harbour, p.575.

A Chart of Captn. Carteret's Discoveries at New Britain, with part of Captn. Cooke's Passage thro Endeavour Streights, & of Captn. Dampier's Tract & Discoveries in 1699, & 1700, at New Guinea and New Britain, p.595.

Three Views of the Admiralty Islands, p.603.

Charts of a Dangerous Shoal seen Sept. the 28, 1767; Joseph Freewill's Islands; and the South End of Mindanao, p. 608.

A Draught of Bonthain Bay situated about 30 Leagues to the SE of Macassar in the Island of Celebes, p. 634.

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