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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. IVoyaging Accounts
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From Bonthain to Batavia, and Cape of Good Hope


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From Bonthain to Batavia, and Cape of Good Hope (continued)

On the 7th of March, we made the Western Islands, and went between Saint Michael and Tercera; in this situation we found the variation 13° 36 W. and the winds began to blow from the S.W. The gale, as we got farther to the westward, increased, and on the 11th, having got to W.N.W. it blew very hard, with a great sea; we scudded before it with the foresail only, the foot rope of which suddenly breaking, the sail blew all to pieces, before we could get the yard down, though it was done instantly. This obliged us to bring the ship to, but having, with all possible expedition, bent a new foresail and got the yard up, we bore away again; this was the last accident that happened to us during the voyage. On the 16th, being in latitude 49° 15'N. we got soundings. On the 18th, I knew by the depth of water that we were in the Channel, but the wind being to the northward, we could not make land till the next day, when we saw the Start Point; and on the 20th, to our great joy, we anchored at Spithead, after a very fine passage, and a fair wind all the way from the Cape of Good Hope.

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