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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. IVoyaging Accounts
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Nova Britannia


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Nova Britannia (continued)

Queen Charlottes Foreland, the south west part of New Hanover, lies in latitude 2° 29 S., longitude 148° 27 E.; and the middle of Portlands Islands in latitude 2° 27 S., longitude 148° 3 E. The length of this streight or channel, from Cape Saint George to Cape Byron, the south west extremity of New Ireland, is above eighty leagues; the distance from Cape Byron to Queen Charlottes Foreland is about twelve leagues, and from the Foreland to Portlands Islands about eight leagues; so that the whole length of Saint Georges Channel is about one hundred leagues, or three hundred miles.

Though we cleared the Streight in the morning of Sunday the 13th of September, we had no observation of the sun till the 15th, which I could not but greatly regret, as it prevented my being so exact in my latitude and longitude as might be expected. The description also of the country, its productions and people, would have been much more full and circumstantial, if I bad not been so much infeebled and dispirited by sickness, as almost to sink under the duty that for want of officers devolved upon me, being obliged, when I was scarcely able to crawl, to keep watch and watch, and share other duties with my Lieutenant, whose health also was greatly impaired.

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