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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. IVoyaging Accounts
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Transactions at the Cape of Good Hope and return to England


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Transactions at the Cape of Good Hope and return to England (continued)

The first expence being great, and it appearing, upon enquiry, that many of our people had never had the smallpox, so that the increase was likely to be considerable, besides the danger, I requested the Governor’s permission to erect a tent upon a spacious plain, at about two miles distance from the town, called Green Point, and to send my people on shore thither during the day, under the care of an officer, to prevent their straggling. This permission the Governor immediately granted, and gave orders that they should suffer no molestation.

In this place, therefore, I ordered tents to be erected, and the Surgeon and his mate, with proper officers, to attend; at the same time strictly charging that no man should be suffered to go into the town, and that no liquor should be brought to the tents. All the sick, except two, left the ship early in the morning, with their provisions and firing; and for those that were reduced to great weakness, I ordered the Surgeon to procure such extraordinary provisions as he should think proper, particularly milk, though it was sold at an excessive price. About six in the evening, they returned on board, and seemed to be greatly refreshed. At the same time, being extremely ill myself, I was obliged to be put on shore, and carried about eight miles up the country, where I continued all the time the ship lay here; and when she was ready to sail, returned on board without having received the least benefit.

No time, however, was lost in refitting the vessel: the sails were all unbent, the yards and top-masts struck, the forge was set up, the carpenters were employed in caulking, the sail makers in mending the sails, the cooper in repairing the casks, the people in over-hauling the rigging, and the boats in filling water.

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