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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. IVoyaging Accounts
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Transactions at the Cape of Good Hope and return to England


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CHAP. XIII. An Account of our Transactions at the Cape of Good Hope, and of the Return of the Dolphin to England.

AS soon as the ship was at anchor, I sent an officer on shore, with the usual compliments to the Governor, who received him with great civility, telling him that we were welcome to all the refreshments and assistance that the Cape afforded, and that he would return our salute with the same number of guns.

We found riding here a Dutch Commodore, with sixteen sail of Dutch East Indiamen, a French East India ship, and the Admiral Watson, Captain Griffin, an East India packet boat, for Bengal. We saluted the Governor with thirteen guns, and he returned the same number; the Admiral Watson saluted us with eleven guns, and we returned nine; the French ship afterwards saluted us with nine guns, and we returned seven.

Having got off some mutton for the ship’s company, with plenty of greens, I sent the Surgeon on shore to hire quarters for the sick, but he could procure none for less than two shillings a day, and a stipulation to pay more, if any of them should take the small-pox, which was then in almost every house, in proportion to the malignity of the disease.

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