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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. IVoyaging Accounts
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Transactions at Batavia and passage to the Cape of Good Hope


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CHAP. XII. Transactions at Batavia, and an Account of the Passage from thence to the Cape of Good Hope.

WE found here fourteen sail of Dutch East India ships, a great number of small vessels, and his Majesty’s ship the Falmouth, lying upon the mud in a rotten condition.

I sent an officer on shore, to acquaint the Governor of our arrival, to obtain his permission to purchase refreshments, and to tell him that I would salute him, if he would engage to return an equal number of guns. The Governor readily agreed; and at sun-rise, on Tuesday the 1st of December, I saluted him with thirteen guns, which he returned with fourteen from the fort. Soon after, the Purser sent off some fresh beef, and plenty of vegetables, which I ordered to be served immediately; at the same time I called the ship’s company together, and told them that I would not suffer any liquor to come on board, and would severely punish those who should attempt to bring any: and I took some pains to reconcile them to this regulation, by assuring them that in this country intemperance would inevitably destroy them. As a further preservative, I suffered not a man to go on shore, except those who were upon duty; and took care that none even of these straggled into the town.

On the 2d, I sent the boatswain and the carpenter, with the carpenter of the Falmouth, to look at such of her stores as had been landed at Onrust, with orders, that if any were

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