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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. IVoyaging Accounts
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Tinian and the Run to Batavia


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CHAP. X I *. Some Account of the present State of the Island of Tinian, and our Employment there; with what happened in the Run from thence to Batavia.

* The tenth Chapter is by mistake numbered XI.

AS soon as the ship was secured, I sent the boats on shore to erect tents, and bring off some refreshments; and about noon they returned, with some cocoa-nuts, limes, and oranges.

In the evening, the tents being erected, I sent the Surgeon, and all the invalids on shore, with two months provisions, of every kind, for forty men, the smith’s forge, and a chest of carpenter’s tools. I then landed myself, with the First Lieutenant, both of us being in a very sickly condition, taking with us also a mate, and twelve men, to go up the country and hunt for cattle.

When we first came to an anchor, the North part of the bay bore N. 39° W. Cocoa Point N. 7° W. the landing-place N.E. by N. and the south end of the island S. 28° E.; but next morning, the Master having sounded all the bay, and being of opinion that there was a better situation to the southward, we warped the ship a little way up, and moored with a cable each way.

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