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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. IVoyaging Accounts
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Expedition inland and other transactions


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Expedition inland and other transactions (continued)

people made it fast. In a few minutes she came into the bow of her canoe, where she sat weeping with inconsolable sorrow. I gave her many things which I thought would be of great use to her, and some for ornament; she silently accepted of all, but took little notice of any thing. About 10 o’clock we were got without the reef, and a fresh breeze springing up, our Indian friends, and particularly the queen, once more bade us farewel, with such tenderness of affection and grief, as filled both my heart and my eyes.

At noon, the harbour from which we sailed bore S.E. ½ E. distant about twelve miles. It lies in latitude 17° 30’S. longitude 150° W. and I gave it the name of Port Royal Harbour.

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