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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. IVoyaging Accounts
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Arrival and Description of Tinian


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Arrival and Description of Tinian (continued)

On Monday the 30th of September, having now been here nine weeks, and our sick being pretty well recovered, I ordered the tents to be struck, and with the forge and oven carried back to the ship; I also laid in about two thousand cocoa-nuts, which I had experienced to be so powerful a remedy for the scurvy, and the next day I weighed, hoping that before we should get the length of the Bashé Islands, the N.E. monsoon would be set in. I stood along the shore to take in the beef-hunters; but we had very little wind this day and the next till the evening, when it came to the westward and blew fresh: I then stood to the northward till the morning of the 3d, when we made Anatacan, an island that is remarkable high, and the same that was first fallen in with by Lord Anson.

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