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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. IVoyaging Accounts
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Streight of Magellan to the Islands of Disappointment


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CHAP. VIII. The Run from the Western Entrance of the Streight of Magellan, to the Islands of Disappointment.

HAVING cleared the Streight, we pursued our course to the westward, as appears by the track in the chart, till Friday, April the 26th, when we discovered the island of Masafuero bearing W.N.W. ½ W. distant about sixteen leagues; but as to the northward it was hazey, the island of Don Juan Fernandes was not in sight. During this run, the variation had gradually decreased from 22° to 9° 36’E.

We bore away for Masafuero, and at sun-set, being within about seven leagues of it, we brought to, and afterwards kept the wind all night. At day-break the next day, we bore away again for the island, at the same time sending an officer, with a boat from each ship, to sound the eastern side of it. About noon, the middle of the island bore W. distant about three miles, and as I saw the boats run along the shore, without being able to land any where for the surf, I bore down to the north part of the island, off which a reef runs for the distance of about two miles, and lay by for them. This island is very high, and the greater part of it is covered with wood; but towards the north end, where I lay, some spots seemed to have been cleared, upon which great numbers of goats were feeding, and they had a green and pleasant appearance. When the boats returned, the officer informed me that he had found a bank, on the east side of the island nearest to the south point, at a considerable distance from the shore, where we might anchor, and opposite

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