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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. IVoyaging Accounts
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Port Desire to Patagonia


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CHAP. III. Course from Port Desire in Search of Pepys' Island, and afterwards to the Coast of Patagonia, with a Description of the Inhabitants.

AS soon as we were out of the bay, we steered for Pepys’ Island, which is said to lie in latitude 47° S. Our latitude was now 47° 22’S., longitude 65° 49’W.; Port Desire bore S. 66°W. distant twenty-three leagues; and Pepys’ Island, according to Halley’s Chart, E. 3/4 N. distant thirty four leagues. The variation here was 19° E.

We continued our course the next day with a pleasant gale and fine weather, so that we began top think that this part of the world was not wholly without a summer. On the 7th, I found myself much farther to the northward than I expected, and therefore supposed the ship’s way had been influenced by a current. I had now made eighty degrees easting, which is the distance from the main at which Pepys’ Island is placed in Halley’s chart, but unhappily we have no certain account of the place. The only person who pretends to have seen it, is Cowley, the account of whose voyage is now before me; and all he says of its situation is, that it lies in latitude 47 S.; for he says nothing of its longitude: he says, indeed, that it has a fine harbour; but he adds, that

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