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Cape of Good Hope


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Cape of Good Hope (continued)

together with several other out works and Battries along the Shore of the Bay on each side of the Town; they are so situated as to be Cannonaded by Shipping and are in a manner defenceless againest a Superior land force. The Garrison at present consists of 800 Regulars besides the Militia of the Country which comprehends every man able to bear arms —

They can, by means of Signals, alarm the whole country in a very short time and then every man is emmidiately to repair to the Cape Town, The French at Mauritius are supply’d with large quantitys of Provisions from the Cape / viz / Salted Beef, Biscuit, Flour and wine; while we lay in the Bay two store Ships belonging to the King of the burthen of 50 or 60 Gun Ships and a snow, sail’d for that Island Load with Provisions besides a ^Large Kings Frigate we left in the Bay takeing in her Cargo. The Provisions contracted for by the French this year were Salt Beef 500,000 lbs: Flour 400,000 lbs: Biscuit 400,000 lbs: and Wine 1200 Leagers

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