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New Guinea


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Description of New Guinea

This place lies in the Latitude of 6°..15' St, about 65 Leagues to the N.E of Pt S. Augustino or Walsche Caep, and is near to what is call'd in the Charts ^by the long name of C. de la Colta de Sa Bonaventura. The land is very low like every other part of the Coast we have seen, here it is thick and Luxuriously cloathed with Woods and Verdure all of which appear green and flourishing; here were Cocoa-nutt Trees, Bread fruit Trees and Plantain trees, but we saw no fruit but on the former and these were small and green; the other trees, shrubs, plants &Ca were ^like wise such as is common in the South-Sea Islands and in New-Holland. Upon my return to the Ship we hoisted in the boat and made sail to the Westward with a design to leave the Coast altogether to the no small satisfaction of I beleive the Major part of ye Ships

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