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New Holland


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New Holland (continued)

&Ca of every kind would flourish here were they once brought hither, planted and cultivated by the hand of Industry; and here are Provender for more Cattle at all seasons of the year than ever can be brought into this Country —

When one considers the Proximity of this Country with New-Guiney, New-Britain and several other Islands which produce Cocoa-Nutts and many other fruits proper for the Support of man, it seems strange that they should not long ago be transplanted here; by its not being done it should seem that the Natives of this Country have no Commerce with their neighbours the New Guinians, it is very probable that they are a different people and speake a different Language; for the advantage of such as want to clear up this point I shall add a short Vocabulary of a few words in the New-Holland Language which we learnt when in Endeavour River —

The English. __ New Holland.
" The Head __ Whageegee
" Hair of the head __ Morye or More
" Eyes __ Meul
" Ears __ Melea
" Lips __ Yembe or Jembi
" Teeth __ Mulere or Moile
" Chinn __ Jacal
" Beard __ Waller

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