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New Zealand


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New Zealand (continued)

in most places to differ not much from the truth.

Mention is likewise made in the Chart of the appearence or Aspect of the face of the Country. With respect to Aehei no mouweTovy poenammu it is for the most part of avery Mountainous and to all appearence a barren Country,  the people in Queen Charlottes Sound, those that came off to us from under the Snowey Mountain and the fire we saw to the SW of Cape Saunders were all the inhabitants or signs of inhabitants we saw upon the whole Island. But most part of the Sea Coast of Aeheino mouwe except the SW side is well inhabited and altho it is a hilly mountainous Country yet the very hills and mountains are many of them cover'd with wood and the ,^Soil of the planes and Vallies appeared to be rich and fertile and such as we had an oppertunity to examine we found to be so ^in a high degree and not very much incumberd with woods    it was the opinion of every body on board that all sorts of European grain fruits Plants &Ca would thrive here. In short was this Country settled by an Industrus people they would very soon be supply'd not only with the necessarys but many of the luxuries of life. The Sea Bays and Rivers abound with a great varity of excellent fish the most of them unknown in England, besides Lobsters which were allow'd by every body to be the best they ever had eat, Oy[s]ters and many other sorts of shell fish all excellent in their kind - Sea and water fowles of all sorts are however in no great plenty, those known in Europe are Ducks, Shags, Gannets & gulls all of which were eat by us and found exceeding good    indeed hardly any thing came amiss to us that could be eat by man. Land fowl are likewise in no great

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