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New Zealand


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New Zealand (continued)

This last according to the accounts of the Natives of Queen Charlottes Sound ought to consist of two Ilds one of which, at least we was were to have saild round in a few days, but this was not verify [ed] by our own observations. I am inclinable to think that they know'd no more of this land than what came within the limets of their sight. The Chart which I have drawn will best point out the figure and extent of these Islands, the situation of the Bays and harbours they contain and the lesser Islands lay about them - and now I have mentioned the Chart I shall point out such places as are drawn with sufficient accuracy to be depended upon and such as are not begining at Cape Pallisser and proceed round Aehei-no mouwe by the East Cape &Ca the Coast between these two Capes I believe to be laid down pretty accurate both in its figure and the Course and distance from point ^to point. the oppertunities I had and the methods I made use on to obtain these requesites were such as could hardly admit of an error; from the East Cape to Cape Maria Vandiemen altho it cannot be perfectly true yet it is without any very material error, some few places however must be excepted and these are very doubtfull and are not only here but in every other part of the chart pointed out by a prick'd or broken line   from Cape Maria Vandiemen up as high as the Latitude of 36°..15' we seldom was were nearer the Shore than from 5 to 8 Leagues and therefore

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