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Ulietea, Otaha and Bolabola


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Description of the Islands Ulietea, Otaha and Bolabola

So call'd by the Natives and it was not thought adviseable to give them any other names but these three together with Huaheine, Tubai, and Maurua as they lay contiguous to one a nother I have named Society Isles. They are situated between the Latitude of 16°.10' and 16°.55' South and between the Longitude 15 0° 0' and 151°..42' West from the Meridian of Greenwich. Ulietea and Otaha lay close to each other and are both inclosed within a reef of Coral rocks, and altho the passage distance between the one and the other ^ is near 2 Miles yet there is no passage between for Shipping, By means of this reef are form'd several excellent Harbours, the entrances into them are but narrow but when a ship is once in nothing can hurt her; those on the East side have been already discribed. On the West side of Ulietea ^ which is the largest Island of the two are three, the northermost of which / call'd Ora ^ otanue we lay in, the Channoll leading in ^ is a ¼ of a Mile wide and lies between 2 low sandy Islands, and which are the northermost small Islands on this side   You have good anchorage between or just within the 2 Islands in 28 fathom, soft ground, this harbour tho' but small yet it is prefferable to any on the Island on account of the easy geting of fresh water and being

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