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Coast of Terra del Fuego


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Coast of Terra del Fuego (continued)

Le Maire and are contigueous to each other, the Sugar Loaf lies from these Hills SSW and when it was in this situation the appearences of the land is represented in the first View in the Chart, but it must be Observd that from this Point of View the three brothers appear far more conspicuous than from any other: These land marks are by some Voyagers thought very necessary to Know Strait Le Maire by, but whoever coasts Terra Del Fuego with sight of land cannot possibly miss the Strait, it being of it self so very conspicuous, and Staten Land, which forms the East side is still more so from its very rugged appearences.   one League and a half to the westward of Cape St Diego lies Cape St Vincent, between these two Capes lies Vincents Bay, a small cove wherein is Wood and water and before which a Ship might Anchor with a southerly or S.W. wind, but the ground is none of the best unless you go into the very mouth of the Cove which is on the East side of the first Bluff point from Cape St Vencent, where there is anchorage in 4 to fathom a sandy bottom,   in going in keep clear of the Sea weed and first send a Boat a head to Sound.    at best this is but a bad place for Shipping and only recommended, to such as are in want of Wood and water, and have no oppertunity to put into the Strait, which in prudence ought not to be attempted but with a fair wind or moderate weather, and upon the very first of the Tide of Flood which happens here at the full and Change of the Moon about 1 or 2 oClock, and then to keep as near to Terra Del Fuego Shore as the winds will permit: by useing these precautions you will be sure of either geting quite through the Strait in one Tide or to the Southward of Success Bay    and it may be more prudent to put in there, should the wind be southerly than to attempt to weather Staten land with a Lee wind and Current; for I believe this to be the Cheif reason why Ships have run a risk of being drove on that Island.

Strait Le Maire is forme'd on the West by part of Terra Del Fuego and on the East by the West end of Staten land or Island, its Length and breadth and Length is about 5 Leagues each; about the middle of the Strait is Success Bay on Terra Del Fuego side, and about a ¼ of a League ^ more to the Northward is Port Maurice.   a little Cove before which we anchor'd in 12 fmThe Bay of Success is discover'd immidiatly upon entering the Strait

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