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Coast of Terra del Fuego


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Description of Parts of the Coast of Terra del Fuego

We fell in with this Coast 21 Leagues to the Westward of Strait Le Maire and rainged the Coast from thence ^ to the Strait Within two or three Leagues of the Land, and had soundings all the way from 40 to 20 fathom a gravelly and sandy bottom; the land near the Shore is in general low, but hilly, the face of the Country appear'd green and Woody, but in land are ^ craggy Mountains.   they appeared to be of no very great height, neither nor were they cover'd with Snow. The most remarkable land on Terra del Fuego is a high mountain in form of a Sugar Loaf, situated not far from the Sea on the S.W. side of the land, and three hills call'd the three Brothers, they lay near the shore and [9] Miles to the Westward of Cape St Diego ^ which is a low point that forms or the NW entrance of Strait

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