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1768 - References

1. Futtock plates were iron plates secured at the edge of the top, a platform at the masthead. The plates were used to secure pairs of futtock shrouds, which were lengths of thick hemp ropes, or chains, used to support the ships masts when carrying sails.

Futtock shrouds ran down-wards and inwards towards the lower mast and were secured to the shrouds of the lower mast.

The use of futtock plates and shrouds is explained by William Falconer in his Marine Dictionary and illustrated in plates VI and IX of that work.

James Cook wrote of Puttock Plates in his Journal of the Endeavour Voyage, a spelling suggestive of regional variation in eighteenth-century English pronunciation. [Return to page 17680901]

2. Cook's report to the Admiralty of his difficulties at Rio de Janeiro, and copies of the memorials between him and the Viceroy, are to be found in Beaglehole's edition of the Cook Journal, pp. 481-9. [Return to page 17681128]

3. The "Portuguese" was Manuel Pereira [Return to page 17681202]

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