22 June 1771
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22 June 1771

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22 June 1771

Week Ds & Month Month Days & Yrs Winds Course's Distce. Saild Lat. in North Longde in West -  
June 1771       Miles °   ..    ' °    ..     '  
Saturday 22 N. to NE ^South 81° E 114 41..11 27..52  

Fresh gales with Squalls attend[ed] with Rain. In the Evening had 14 Sail in sight, 13 upon our lee quarter and a Snow upon our lee bow. In the night Split both Topgt Sails so much that they were obliged to be unbent to repair- In the Morning the Carpenter reported the Main Top mt to be sprung in the Cap which we supposed happen'd in the PM when both the weather backstays broke     Our Rigging and Sails are now so bad that some thing or another is giving way every day - At Noon had 13 Sail in Sight which are well assured are the India fleet and are all now upon our weather quarter

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