10 May 1771
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10 May 1771

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10 May 1771

Week Ds Mo Ds Winds Course's Distce Saild Lat. in South Longde in West  
May 1771       Miles ° ..  ' °    ..  '  
Friday 10 Do NW 120 7..51 14..32  

At 6 in the AM saw the Island of Ascention bearing NNW distant 7 Leagues — Made Signal to speak with the Portland and soon after Capt Elliot himself came on board to whome I dilivered a letter for the Admiralty and a box containing the Ships common Log books and some of the Officers Journals &Ca I did this because it seem'd probable that the Portland would get home before as we sail much heavier than any of the fleet — At Noon the Island of Ascention bore EBS Distant 4 or 5 Leagues - by our Observations it lies in the Latitude of 7°..54' So and Longitude of 14°..18' West    A NWBN Course by Compass or NW a little westerly by the Globe, from St Helena will bring you directly to this Island —

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