25 February 1771
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25 February 1771

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25 February 1771

Week Ds Mo Ds Winds Course's Distce Saild Lat. in South Longd in West  
        Miles °       ' °          '  
        122 28..49    
Mond. 25 EBS S.58° 30' Wt 28..49 313..6 313.. 6 pr Log  
            316..6 by Obserns which shews

that the Ship has gaind upon the Log 1°..5' in ^three four days, in which time we have always found the Ship obsd Latd to the Southward of that given by the Log, these joint observations proves that there must be a current seting between the South and West —

Gentle gales and fair weather. Variation pr Evening Azths 24°..20' West and by the Morning Ampd 24° West Longd by Obn of & is 3° to the westward of the Log

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