7 February 1771
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7 February 1771

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7 February 1771

Week Ds Mo Ds Winds Course's Distce Saild Lat. in South Longd in West from Greenwh Bearings at Noon
        Miles °       ' °          '  
Thursday 7 SE So 75°.15. Wt 110 18°..58 274..20 pr Log  
            276° 19' pr Obsern  

Gentle gales with some Showers in the night     In the Evening found the Variation to be 3°..24' West, and in the Morning I took severl Observations of the Sun and Moon, the Mean result of which gave carried on to Noon gave 276°..19' West Longde from Greenwich which is 2° to the Westward of that given by the Log; this I beleive to be owing to a following sea which I have not yet allowd for. I judge it to be 6 Ms a Day sence we have had the SE Trade wind —

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