20 January 1771
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20 January 1771

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20 January 1771

Weeks Mo. Days Winds Course Correct Distce Saild Latd in Longd in West from Greenwh Bearings &Ca at Noon
          South °          '  
Sunday 20 NWrly St 44°Wt 36 M 9..14 256..15  

Light airs and Calms, with some Showers of rain — Saw two sail in the NW quarter standing to the SW, one of them shew'd Dutch Colours —

SUNDAY 20th. Winds NWrly. Course Correct S 44W. Distce sail'd 36 M. Lat in 914'. Long West from Greenwh 25615'. Light airs and Calms with some Showers of rain. Saw two sail in the NW quarter standing to the sw, one of them shew'd Dutch Colours.

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