14 November 1770
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14 November 1770

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14 November 1770

Wednesday 14th Employ'd clearing the Ship of the Carreening geer her bottom being now throughaly repaird and very much to my satisfaction. In justice to the Officers and workmen of this Yard I must say that I do not believe that there is a Marine Yard in the world where Work is done with more alertness than here or where there are better conveniences for heaving Ships down both in point of safety and dispatch. Here they heave down by two Masts which is not ^now practised by ^the English men but I hold it to be much safer and more expaditious than by heaving down by one mast, a man that will not allow this must not only be strongly bigoted to his own customs but in some measure divested of reason that will not allow this after seeing with how much ease and safety the Dutch at Onrust heave down their largest Ships

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