12 October 1770
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12 October 1770

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12 October 1770

Friday 12th At 5 oClock in the PM I was interduced to the Governor General who Recieved me very politly and told me that I should have every thing I wanted, and that in the Morning my Requist should be laid before the Councel where I was desired to attend —

About 9 oClock in the Evening we had much Rain with some very heavy Claps of Thunder, one of which carried away a Dutch India-man's Main Mast by the Deck ^and split it, the Mn Topmt & Topgt mast all to shivers. she had had a Iron spindle at the Main Topgallant Mast head which had first Attracted the firy matter ^Lightning. This Ship lay about two Cables lengths from us and we were struck with the Thunder at the same time and in all probabillity we should have shared the same fate as the Dutchman had it not been for the Electrical Chain which we had but just before got up  this carr[i]ed the firy ^Lightning or Electrical matter over the side Clear of the Ship, the Shock was so great as to shake the whole ship very sencibly, this instance alone is sufficient to recommend these Chains to all ships whatever, and that of the Dutchman ought to caution people from this a having Iron spindles at their Masts heads —

In the Morning I went a shore to the Councel Chamber and laid my Request before the Governor and Councel, who gave me for answer that I should have every thing I wanted —

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