9 October 1770
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9 October 1770

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9 October 1770

Tuesday 9th A Little past Noon weigh'd with a Light breeze at NE and stood to the NE ^Eastward untill 5 o'Clock when not being able to weather Pulo Pare we Anchord in 30 fathom the said Island bearing extending from SE to SSW distant 1 Mile - At 10 got the Land wind at South with which we wiegh'd and stood to the NE ^ESE all night depth of water from 30 to 22 fathoms, and from 22 to 16 fathom where we Anchord at 10 oClock in the AM to wait for the Sea breeze - The Island of Edam bore SWBW distce 6 or 7 Miles - At Noon weighd and Stood in for Batavia Road having the Advantage of the Sea breeze at NNE

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