5 October 1770
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5 October 1770

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5 October 1770

Friday 5th At 5 oClock in the PM we wiegh'd with a light breeze at SWBS which continued not long before it fell Calm and obliged us to Anchor again - At 1 oClock we weigh'd with the Land wind at SSE which died away in the Morning and the Current runing strong againest us we Anchor[d] in 17 fathom - A little before this a Proe came along side wherein was a Dutch Officer who came upon the same business as the other   he sent me down a printed paper in English Containing 9 Articles or Questons of which the this ^following is a Copy

The Commanders and officers of the Ships, where this Paper may be presented, Will be please'd to Answer on the following Questions Vidzt

1 To What Nation the Ship belongs and its Name.

2 If it comes from Europe or any other place —

3 From what place it lastly departed from —

4 Where unto design'd to go —

5 What and how many Ships of the Dutch Comp. by departure from the last Shore there layed and their Names —

6 If one or more of these Ships in Company with this is departed for this or any other place —

7 If during the Voyage any particularitys is happend or Seen —

8 If not any Ships in Sea, or the Streights of Sunda have seen or hail'd in, and which —

9 If any other News worth of Attention at the place from whence the Ship lastly Departed or during the Voyage is happen'd —

Batavia in the Castle
By order of the Governour General & the Counselors of India —

J Brander Bungl

The first and fourth of these questions I only Answer'd which when the Officer saw, he made use of the very same words the other had done before, viz / that we might write what we please'd for it was of no concequence &Ca and yet he immidiatly said that he must send that very paper away to Batavia by water and that it would be there by to Morrow Noon, which shews that the Governor and Counselors of India look upon such papers to be of some Concequence    Be this as it may, My reasons for takeing notice of it in this Journal is, because I am well inform'd that it is but of very late Years that the Dutch have taken upon them to examine all ships that pass these Streights —

At 10 oClock we wieghd with a light breeze at SW, but did little more than Stem the Current — At Noon Bantam Point and Pula baby in one bearing EBN, distant from the Point 11/2 Mile Latitude Observed 5°..53' So

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