1 October 1770
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1 October 1770

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1 October 1770

MONDAY 1st Octr First and latter parts fresh breezes at SE and fair weather, the Middle Squaly with Lightning and Rain. At 7 o'Clock in the PM, being then in the Latitude of Java Head and not seeing any land assured us that we had got too far to the westward, upon which we hauld up ENE, having before steer'd NBE    At 12 oClock saw the Land bearing East, Tackd and stood to the SW untill 4 o'Clock than stood again to the Eastward having very unsettled Squally weather which split the Main Topsail Very much and obliged us to bend the other many of our sails are now so bad that they will hardly stand the least puff of wind. At 6 oClock Java head or the west end of Java bore SEBE distant 5 Leagues, soon after this saw Princes Island bearing E1/2S and at 10 oClock Saw the Island of Cracatoa bearing NE, this is a remarkable high Peaked Island which at Noon bore No 40 Et distant 7 Leagues, Princes Island Extending from So 53° Et to SBW Distant 3 Leagues. Course and Distance saild sence yesterday at Noon is N 24°..30' Et 70 Miles - Latitude in pr observation 6°..29' So Longitude 254°..244' West, but either our Longitude must be erroneous or the streights of Sunda must be falsly laid down in all Books and Charts & but this no doubt we shall have an oppertunity to settle —    Note in our run from Savou I have allow'd 20' per day for the westerly current which no doubt must run strong at this time of ye Year especially of the Coast of Java, this allowance I find Answers

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