18 September 1770
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18 September 1770

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18 September 1770

Tuesday 18th As soon as Mr Gore Landed he was met on the beach by several people both Horse and Foot who gave him to understand that there was a Bay to Leeward where we could Anchor and likewise get refreshments, upon Mr Gores return with this intelligence we bore away for the Bay in which we anchord at 7 oClock in 38 fathom water a Clean Sandy bottom, about a Mile from shore    the North point of the Bay bore N. 30° East 21/2 Miles and the South point or West end of the Island bore So 63° West. Two hours before we Anchor'd we saw Dutch Colours hoisted in a Village which stands about a Mile inland and at Day-light in the Morning the same Colours were hoisted on the beach abreast of the Ship,   by this I was no longer ^in doubt but what here was a Dutch Settlement and accordingly sent Lieutt Gore a shore to wait upon the Governor or Chief person residing here to acquaint him with the reasons that induce'd us to touch at this Island. Upon Mr Gores landing we could see that he was received by a guard of the Natives, and not Dutch Troops, and conducted up to the Village where the Colours were hoisted last night.   sometime after this I received a Message from Mr Gore ^him acquainting me that he was then with the King of the Island who had acquainted told him that he could not supply us with any thing with^out leave from the Dutch Governor, who resided at a nother part of the Island, but that he had sent to acquaint him of our arrival and request —

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