13 September 1770
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13 September 1770

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13 September 1770

Thursday 13th Stood in shore with a light breeze at SBW untill 1/2 past 5 o'Clock in the PM, when being a mile and a half from the Shore and in 16 fathom water, we tack'd and Stood off; at this time the extremes of the Land extended from NEBE to WBS1/2S this last was a low point distant from us about 3 Leagues. We were right before a small creek or Inlet into the Low-land which lies in the Latitude of 9°..34' St    Probably it might ^be the same as Dampier whent into in his boat for it did not seem to have depth of water sufficient for any thing else.    In standing in shore we sounded Several times, but found no Soundings untill we got within 21/2 Miles of the shore, where we had 25 fathom a soft bottom - We stood off Shore untill 12 oClock with the wind at South, than Tack'd and Stood to the westward 2 hours, when the Wind Veer'd to the SW and WSW and than we stood to the Southward - In the Morning found the Variation to be 1°..10' Wt by the Ampd and by the Azimuth 1°.27' Wt   At Noon we were by observation in the Latitude of 9°..45' So Longitude 234°..12' West, and about 6 or 7 Leagues from the Land which extended from No 31° Et to WSW1/2W — Winds at SSW a Gentle breeze —

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