1 September 1770
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1 September 1770

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1 September 1770

Saturday 1st In the PM and most part of the night had a fresh [breeze] from the SE with which we kept standing in for the land NE and ENE Close upon awind untill half an hour past 6 o'Clock, when we anchor'd in 41/2 fathom water a Soft Muddy bottom as we have every where found upon the Coast, about an hour before we Anchord we saw the land from the Mast head extending from EBN to SSE all very low. At the time we Anchor'd we found a small drean of a Tide Seting away to the NW which continued untill 2 oClock in the Morning   when the water had fell 9 feet or better: this Tide of Ebb was than succeeded by the Flood which came from the SW, yet we did not find the water to rise much upon a perpendicular or else the greatest fall of the Tide had not been well at attended to in the night for at 6 oClock when we got under sail we had no more than 3 fathom under the Ship and yet we could not see the land from the deck - After getting under sail we stood to the northward with a light breeze at East and deepen'd our water ^by noon to 10 fathom, having the land just in sight from the Mast head to the SE.

[NB: uncorrected against MS ] At this time were in the Latitude of 7°..39' St Longitude 222°..42' West Pt St Augustine bore S 10° W dist 15 Leagues

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