31 August 1770
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31 August 1770

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31 August 1770

Friday 31st Between 12 and 1 in the PM steerd WNW in which time we shoalen'd our water from 8 to 51/2 fathoms, which I thought was little enough and therefore kept away away again west and soon depen'd to 7 fathom, which depth we kept untill 6 o'Clock having the Land just in sight from the deck - At this time the western extreme bore North distant about 4 Leagues and Seem'd to end in a point and Turn away to the northward, We took it to be Point St Augustine or Walsche Caep / Latitude 8°..24' St Longde 22°2..^55' Wt. We now shortend sail and hauld of SSW and SBW having the wind at SE and SEBE a gentle breeze   we stood off 16 miles having from 7 to 27 fathom deepening gradually as we run off - At Midnight we Tack'd and stood in untill daylight, at which time we could see no land and yet we had only 51/2 fathom water. We now steered NW having the same depth of water untill near 9 oClock when we began to deepen our water from to 61/2 and 7 fathom, by this I thought that we were far enough to the westward of the Cape and might haul to the northward with safety which we now did having the wind at NEBE a light breeze

by noon we had increased our water to 9 fathom and were by observation in the Latitude of 8°..10' St which was 10 Miles to the Northward of that given by the Log by which I conjecter'd that we had met with a strong Current seting round the Cape not only to the Northward but to the Westward also, otherwise we ought to have seen the land which we did not

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