18 August 1770
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18 August 1770

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18 August 1770

Saturday 18th Gentle breezes at East and ESE - At 4 oClock in the PM the boats return'd from the reef with about 240 pounds of the meat of shell fish most of Cockles, some of which are as large as 2 Men can move and contain about 20 lbs of good meat   At 6 oClock in the Morning we got under sail and Stood away to the NW having two boats to derict us - our soundings were very erregular from 10 to 27 fathom varying 5 or 6 fathom almost every cast of the lead - A little before noon we passed a low small Sandy Isle which we left on our starboard side at the distance of 2 Miles, Mr Banks landed upon it and shott several small birds, call'd Nodies - At Noon our Latitude was 12°..28 being about 4 or 5 Leagues from the Main which extended from SBW to N 71° Wt and some Small Islands extending from N. 40° Wt to 54° Wt between us and the Main or outer Reef seen from the Mast head a way to the NE

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