6 June 1770
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6 June 1770

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6 June 1770

Wednesday 6th Light airs at ESE with which we steer'd WNW as the Land now lay ^depth of water 12 & 14 fathoms At Noon we were by Observation in the Latitude of 19°..1' Longitude made from Cape Gloucester 1°..30' west Course and distant saild sence yesterday noon WNW 28 Miles.   in this situation we had the mouth of a bay all open extending from the S1/2E to SW1/2S ^distant 2 Leagues This bay ^which I named Cleveland Bay appear'd to be about 5 or 6 Miles in extent every way. the East point I named Cape Cleveland and the West Barren Head. ^Magnetical head or Isle as it had had much the appearence of an Island ^and the Compass did not travis well when near it. they are both tolerable high and so is the Mainland within them and the whole appear'd to have the most ruged, rocky and barren Surface of any we have yet seen    however it is not without inhabitants as we saw smooks in several place in the bottom of the Bay — The most northermost land we had in sight at this time bore NW, this we took to be an Island or Islands for we could not trace the Main land farther than WBNNotwithstanding we have been long in soundings, have had it frequently calm and been often at an Anchor   We have caught no fish worth mentioning sence we left Sting-Ray Harbour —

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