29 May 1770
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29 May 1770

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29 May 1770

Tuesday 29th Fresh gales between the SSE and ESE, Hazey wer. with some showers of rain in the PM. Having sounded about the Ship and found that there was sufficient water for her over the Shoal we at 3 oClock weigh'd and came to sail ^and stood to the westward as the land lay having first sent a boat a head to sound - At 6 o'Clock we Anchord in 10 fathom a sandy bottom about 2 Miles from the Main land, the westermost part of which bore WNW having still a number of Islands ^in sight a long way without us —

At 5 oClock in the AM I sent away the Master with two boats to sound the entrance of an inlet which bore from us west distant about one League into which I intended to go with the Ship to wait a few days untill the Moon increased and in the meantime to examine the Country    by such time as we had got the Ship under Sail the boats made the signal for Anchorge upon which we stood in with the Ship and Anchord in 5 fathom water about a League within the entrance of the inlet which we judged to be a River runing a good way in land. As I observed the tides to flow and Ebb something considerable I had some thoughts of laying the Ship a shore to clean her bottom.   with this View both the Master and I went to look for a convinient place for that purpose and at the same time to look for fresh water not one drop of which we could find but met with several places where a Ship might be laid a shore with safety —

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