26 May 1770
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26 May 1770

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26 May 1770

Saturday 26th In the PM had a light breeze at ESE untill 4 oClock with which we stood to the NW untill 4 ^o'Clock when it fell calm and soon after we Anchor'd in 12 fathom water    Cape Capricorn bearing So 54° East distant 4 Leagues having the Main land and Islands in a manner allround us - in the night we found the tide to rise and fall near 7 feet and the flood to set to the west ward and Ebb to the Eastward, which is the very reverse to what ^we found it when at Anchor to the Eastward of Bustard Bay I expected At 6 in the AM we weigh'd with the wind at South a gentle breeze and stood away to the NW between the outermost raing of Islands and the Main land, leaving several small Island between us and the latter which we passd close by - our soundings was a little erregular from 12 to 4 fathom which caused me to send a boat a head to sound. At Noon we were about 3 Miles from the Main, about the same distance from the Islands without us, our Latitude by obsn was 23°.7' So and Longitude made from Cape Capricorn 18 Miles west - The Main land in this Latitude is tolerable high and Mountainious and the Islands which lay off it are the most of them pretty high and of a small circuit and have more the appearence of barrenness than fertillity -

We saw smooks a good way inland which makes me think there must be a River Lagoon or Inlet into the Country and we pass'd two places that had the appearence of such this morning, but our depth of water at that time was too ^little to haul in for them where I might expect to meet with less -

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