22 May 1770
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22 May 1770

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22 May 1770

Tuesday 22d In the PM had a gentle breeze at SE with which we stood in for the land SW untill 4 oClock when being ^in the Latde of 24°. 36' So and about 2 Leagues from land in 9 fathom water we bore away along shore NWBW At the same time we could see the land extending to the South South East about 8 Leagues. Near the Sea the land is ^very low but in land are some moderatly high hills and the whole appear'd to be thickly cloathed with wood    In runing along shore we shoald in our water from 9 to 7 fathom and at one time had but 6 fathm which determined me to anchor for the night and accordingly at 8 oClock we came too in 8 fathom water a fine gravely bottom about 5 Miles from the land. this evening we saw a water snake and 2 or 3 evenings ago one lay under the Ships stern some time    this was about a yard and a half in length and was the first we had seen —

At 6 oClock in the AM we wieg'd with a gentle breeze southerly and steerd NW1/4W edgeing in for the land untill w[e] got within 2 Miles of it having from 7 to 11 fathom water, we then steer'd NNW as the land laid, At Noon we were by observation in the Latitude of 24°.19' So Longitude made from Sandy Cape 1°..14' West —

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